Where to begin

Well.  It’s been an interesting journey, with dealing with gluten and setting up the blog.   And now it is set. Thanks to help from a great friend.  Now it’s trying to figure out everything else.  For those who do not know me, I’m a big goofball. I prefer to look at things with a slight sense of humor.  Recently I was compared to “unikitty” from the Lego movie.  So finding the right voice for this as been a challenge, since text has no real tone and I’m said goofball.   Please keep in mind, this small town girl is only serious when needed.

As far as the gluten goes, it’s “business, business, business.”   I was sick and with out answers for a about a year.  I was in college and dropped all but one class the semester it got really bad.  Since I was tired, my stomach hurt, I had headaches, in general did not feel well.  I had aged out of my parents health insurance plan did not help this matter. The fear of costly doctor appointments, tests, scans, and even surgery kept me and my parents from being as proactive as we would have normally been. I was the main reason for that, I didn’t want them to essentially go into debt for me.   After we found a insurance provider, we had to wait due to the way coverage restrictions were done on my policy.  We made the mistake of having a test done that the insurance company viewed as surgery and they didn’t paid for it.  At this point it was a group effort to figure out what was wrong.  Now, this was not easy, it was not fun.  I was not the most easy person to deal with either.  So we finally figured out it was wheat.  So I stopped eating wheat and felt better.  I went to the doctor, had a blood test done for wheat allergies and it came back negative. We were stunned.  It seems that you can’t stop eating wheat before the test, we didn’t know.  This was uncharted land for me.  So we all believe it was a false negative. I however refuse to eat wheat/gluten to retake the test.  I see no point in making myself that sick and miserable for that long.  Maybe one day I will change my mind but I highly doubt it.

I have a great support system that has helped me deal with the good, the bad, and the very ugly.  Therefore with their support I am embarking on this new adventure as a blogger.  So, thank you.

So, first post done. Next post will be a product review and include pictures and hopefully down the road a giveaway or two.