Fun-fetti Cookies

so I recently tried the gluten free fun-fetti cookies. After trying the cake before I was hopeful about the cookies.  And I was not disappointed!   Here are some pictures during the baking of a batch! And the mix really does make 3 dozen!



They are soft, light, and did not last long at my house.   I have to say, way to go Philsbury! I am thankful that you join the “gluten free” club! 

its fun-fetti time!

I had seen on line from another blogger that Phillsberry had released a Gluten Free Funfetti cake mix. So of course, I had to get my hands on some. After two or so weeks of checking my local stores and seeing the “normal” one, I finally found some. I grabbed a couple of boxes and icing and danced back down to my shopping partner and shook the icing like they were maracas and sang, “I found some Funfetti! I found some funfetti!” That’s right, I danced and sang in Wal-Mart. I’m waiting to someone to email a video off a website of myself doing this honestly


As some of you guys may know, some gluten free cake mixes only yield a 9×9 cake. Along with requiring a stick of butter, vanilla extract and of course eggs. Typically these said cakes are dense, not so fluffy, and cost the around the typical one hundred-ten percent more than the gluten containing counter parts. OH, and in my case, uneven. (its only the gluten free cakes that do this in my oven). Well let me tell you, this is not the case with Funfetti!

On the box it gives you two options: one with the whole egg or one using just the egg whites. I opted for using the whole egg. Honestly I was quite excited about this cake (it’s funfetti, and you read how I danced down the aisle) and wasn’t sure if I wanted to try two new things in one night. So I mixed the cake and it was light and fluffy! I had to spoon it into the pan, which was a typical cake size (9×13)! And it baked into a wonderfully fluffy, light, golden cake. If I had not made this cake, I would have had my doubts of the safety of this cake.

And then the icing! I used the marshmallow white icing this time and I got to use the entire container, which is not topical with the per mentioned cakes, which always lead to the question, “do we make another cake, or just eat the icing now?” It wasn’t too sweet, it was light and tasty, and the candy pieces landed oh so perfectly on it. I did not shake the sprinkles evenly so I had to use a different kind.

This was one of the best gluten free cakes I have ever had!  With the egg white only version I found it was better after I let it rest over night.