Life is like…

I’m not going to lie.  The past couple of weeks have been hard.  I’m getting adjust to the new pay schedule at my new job, learning all the task I am now doing, andI had to take my car into the shop for maintenance. The dealership didn’t have any SUVs or pick up trucks so I had to a compact car.  Please keep in mind, that I am around 6 foot tall, live on a dirt road, and have a lab that goes with me.  Needless to say I was less than thrilled.  On top of that, I am still trying to get back on my feet due to being unemployed for almost 3 months. I had barely 2 months worth of expenses saved when this happened, you just have to love living in a “at will” state.  So, as you can imagine I did not have “car repairs” figured into my budget.  

So as I am dealing with all of this, and driving a car that was uncomfortable to sit in, let alone drive, I remembered something I had said in the past.  Well, actually two things.  First, “life is like a road trip” and second, “it’s not a road trip until someone cries!”   

Think about it.  We plan, we sometimes have no choice in the journey, they can so much fun and on the other hand, they can missable.  Sometimes, we have great traveling buddies, sometimes we can not wait to get out of the car.  There are times we just want to stop driving, but we can’t.  There are times the weather is great! Then there are times we are second guessing the decision to drive.  We get lost and have to find our way back.  We sometimes have to change vehicles, and directions.  We might get stuck in traffic and feel like we are never going to move! There are times we simple run out of gas, have to make unexpected pit stops, or just have a great time.  


So as I sat at my house, trying to figure out what I was going to do, I broke down.  Not shame here. I cried.  Which brings me to the next saying.  In my family, we are usually kinda stressed when we are traveling.  Between getting everyone in the car,  remembering everything, and trying to “make good time,” someone ends up with hurt feelings and/or upset.  Which typically ends in tears.  I do not recall a road trip that someone didn’t cry.   Life has its moments that tears happen.  

I guess what I am getting at is, life can be hard.  Change can hard. But like a car trip, getting to the destination is worth it.  Yes, there are going to be bumps, sudden stops, and perhaps a few fender benders.  Changing a diet can a huge pot hole that you just don’t see coming.  It’s hard, it sucks at times, but like road trips, we look back at those times are realize a couple of things.   We have seen amazing sights, and we have experience with traffic hazards.