Adrenne Farm Lemon Poppy Seed Muffin Mix


Photo courtesy of Ardenne Farms

As you might know about me, I love muffins.   I love to eat something in the mornings, that is quick, easy, and well kinda like dessert.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I love vegetables, I just also love the non-vegetable foods as well.

I had previously reviewed their Sugar Cookie Mix way back when.  I was recently contacted by Ardenne Farm recently & asked to review a couple more mixes.  I got the pleasure of trying the Lemon Poppy Seed Muffin Mix



These got a lot of buzz when I posted the picture on my instagram page.  Hopefully I will be baking the Cinnamon Crumbly Crunch Mix soon.


Adrenne Farms mixes can be used with egg and dairy replacements, made with only Non-GMO ingredients, and are certified Gluten-Free.  Each batch is tested to ensure they exceed government standards for gluten levels AND they are manufactured in a dedicated gluten, dairy, egg, peanut, and tree nut facility!

The Lemmon Poppy Seed mix didn’t require a lot of additional ingredients: just oil, eggs, and milk (I used almond milk in mine) or the appropriate replacements.

 Photo Courtesy of Ardenne Farms

The batter smells really good and is quite easy to incorporate.   I did make the mistake of forgetting to lightly beat my eggs before adding them to the batter, I don’t think it affected the batter that much.

I didn’t have enough muffin tin liners to use them for these, so I greased the wells.   I also didn’t think to grease the top area.  Usually, gluten free muffins don’t have “muffin tops, ” these did.  Also, since the mix is made with real lemon, they will stick to the pan.

My batch took twenty minutes to bake, I followed the instructions and let them cool in the pan.  Well, i let them cool as long as I could stand it!  They smelled amazing while baking!   And let me tell you, these muffins where so fluffy, moist, and delicious!!!

IMG_4545They are amazing with (almond) milk!!

Since I loved them so much, I decided to be nice and share the gluten free goodness.   Members of my non-gluten-free village liked them, my mom, dad, and a co-worker whose girlfriend is gluten free like them.   They all did believe me when I said they were gluten free and in my case, dairy free as well.



You can find this mix on Amazon along with their other mixes.

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