It was a stressful time in my life and the doctors could not figure out what was wrong.  After having test after test ran and having test after test coming back negative, the doctors were not sure there was anything physically wrong with me.

Exhausted from the lack of answers, I started keeping a food dairy, checking all the allergen labels.   I had developed some kind of milk intolerance of sorts, previously and all of the allergen labels mentioned Wheat and Milk.  I knew at this point what direction to go (which was more than what the doctors had). Either the milk issue had gotten much worst or it was wheat.   I started avoiding milk hoping to start feeling better, sadly I only felt worst.

At this point, I started avoiding wheat along with milk as much as possible and started to feel better.  I went to the doctor’s office to have a blood test ran, thinking we had found the answer and now need professional guidance. Professional guidance my insurance would not pay for without a referral.   What we did not know was since I had already altering my diet it would alter the results of the test.  I was informed by a nurse that I would need to eat the foods that were causing me issues and come back to have the blood test re-ran.   I decided against that. I could not see the logic in making myself sick for a test to confirm what I knew.  I know wish I would have done it, but oh well.

Since then it has been an adventure or more like a tragic love story and everything in between.  I graduated college, had a car totaled out by a hit and run driver, bought a home, changed jobs, ended and started relationships, diagnosed with ADHD, and started a blog.  Not all in that order however.

It has been quite the adventure and I know it will only become more interesting as life goes on.