I got to try EndoMune recently.    Like most people I had never heard of this product before either.   It is a probiotic,  that was developed by Dr. Lawrence Hobermaan.   I got the pleasure to met with him at the Gluten-Free Alllergy Free Expo in Dallas.   We discussed the benifits of taking a probiotic and how it can help a variety of GI issues.   I was offered some to try.

I waited until after my tosillectomy surgery, and the craziness of the Christmas holiday to start trying them.    So on New Years Day, I started my trial of them.    I honestly, didn’t see any real difference.  Which is better than seeing a bunch of negative things.

Since I didn’t see any change after 30 days,  the non-gluten-free boyfriend started taking them.    He on the other hand saw changes.   He would recommend a probiotic.

Since I am not a trained or licensed medical professional I will let you decide what you think is best for your body.

Here is the link to EndoMune’s website.

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