Enjoy Life Brownie Mix


As some of you might know, I am quite the fan of Enjoy Life Foods. They are an Allergy Friendly brand, free of the top eight allergens, and have a large variety of products. I have previously tried the muffin mix and recently made the brownie mix.

I have tried a variety of mixes since making the change over to gluten free. They all have one thing in common, 8×8 or 9×9 pans. I don’t know why we can’t have a normal sized cakes and brownies.  I always end up with leftover icing when I bake.  Then I end up eating the icing or having way to much icing on the baked good.   I honestly was really tempted to make these brownies in a muffin tin. Why you may ask? So I could tell myself that they were Chocolate-Chocolate Chip Brownie Muffins and eat them for breakfast. Apparently it is not the healthiest thing to have brownies and a glass (or two) of chocolate milk for breakfast (The things people expect from you as an adult).

I followed the instructions on the box, however I was really tempted to use applesauce instead of oil.  I am glad I decided against that idea after see how moist they were.  The brownie mix smelled really good and mixed well. I used my stand mixer on the lowest speed, counted the rotations  and then used a spatula to scrape down the sides and incorporated that into the mix. It took no time at all.  I decided to use my stand mix instead of manually mixing the batter for a variety of reasons, mostly I was feeling lazy and I was tried from my day at work.   The batter was quite thick after getting everything incorporated, to me that is always a good sign of the brownies to come.

I greased the pan and then used the Enjoy Life Flour to coat the pan, which made it super easy to remove the brownies from the pan.  One of the things I dislike about brownies is that they can be so hard to neatly and successful remove them from the pan in the original size and shape that you started out with.  My brownies took the minimum time to bake. I allowed them to cool in the pan for five to ten minutes; I’m not quite sure how long. I was trying to get a picture of them and answer a few text messages.










I originally thought to use chocolate icing on them.  The baked brownies held together well after being flipped out the pan and then back over. I couldn’t make up my mind if I should ice them or not and well they held up. I have had brownies before that crumbled when trying to move them. I am so glad I didn’t ice them, they were so tasty without the icing.  The box states that there are 14 serving, I obviously didn’t cut mine properly however, I never do. It never stops me from eating them either.    I shared the brownies with my family and the kiddos I nanny.   They all approved, then I told them that they were allergy friendly.  I had to show them the box. They didn’t believe me, the brownies are that good.

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