Enjoy Life Muffin Mix

Two muffins were in the oven, one muffin turns to the other muffin and said, “Man, it’s hot in here!”  The other muffin turns and shouts “OH MY GOODNESS A TALKING MUFFIN!!”    That is one of my favorite jokes.  I personally love the “laugh taffy” style jokes.   What do jokes have to do with me telling you about an awesome allergy friend muffin mix you may ask yourself,  The answer is I had two other jokes I was debating on using.    I’ll save the others for later.

As some of you might be familiar with Enjoy Life Foods and know that they are allergen friendly.  That they are made in a dedicated nut and gluten free facility, and one of my favorite brands.    If you are unfamiliar, feel free to check out a previous post about the brand here.

They recently introduced a line of baking mixes which includes a pizza crust mix, waffle and pancake mix,  an all purpose flour, brownie mix and a muffin mix!  Recently I purchased the mixes from their website since I could not find them in any of my usual shopping areas.

IMG_4197Since the mix is allergen friendly, you do not need to add eggs or an egg replacement along with any dairy or dairy replacement.  All you need to add is oil and water,  along with any type of add in you want.   I choose to make chocolate chip muffins using the Enjoy Life Mini Chips.    I would have made cookies with the mini chips, however I have been told that cookies should not be eaten for breakfast.  If I can’t eat cookies for breakfast. why in the world did I grow up? 🙂

Along with being allergen friendly the mixes have 5g of protein, are developed with probiotics, and are Non-GMO verified.

IMG_4200The mix is super easy to incorporate together, I used my stand mixer on the lowest speed and counted the rotations.   The instructions state it take ten stirs, and not to over mix the batter.   I then added the Mini Chips, I used a cup which is almost a whole bag.   I am not sure if you would call that too much or too little chips.





The box states that the batter would make 10 muffins, I was able to get 12 muffins.  I am not sure if my muffin pan is not standard or if the chocolate chips effect the amount of batter in each well of the muffin pan.

My muffins took the full 20 minutes to bake, I started with the least amount of time and check them every five minutes after that.   After letting the muffins cool in the pan for five minutes then moved them to a wire rack to cool per the instructions.  The bigger muffins were a little fragile, I’m sure it was due to the size of the “muffin top”.


I would suggest storing the muffins in the frig since they last longer. The box has the guidelines of how long they will last depending on where you store them.  I did reheat mine a little since I choose to keep them in the frig and they were amazing!  I usually don’t  have a problem with my baked goods going bad since I love baked goods of all kinds and I  usually share the awesome goods I am trying out with family and friends.  Needless to say, the muffins were enjoyed by all who tried them.

If you would like to try them for yourself, you can purchase them on Enjoy Life Foods website, along with amazon and many local stores.  There is a product locator on the Enjoy Life Foods website as well.  Also don’t forget to follow them on Twitter, Snapchat, Instragram, and Facebook.