Girl Meets Baseball Season

Springtime, for many people that means the start of baseball season. The sound of the ball hitting the bat, the smell of the concessions, and let’s not forget the seventh inning  stretch.  It can be memorable event for those attending.    I like baseball season and enjoy going to a game when possible .  For many people, like myself who deal with food restrictions, this can be a  source of stress.   Many stadiums  will not allow outside food or drink.  Then most of these places that cannot even provide an allergy listing on the foods that they offer.   I have experienced this while visiting Austin, Texas and going to couple of Austin Spur games.

I had the img_4113.jpgpleasure of attending an event this last spring at Dickey –Stephen’s Park, where our local minor league plays. For those who are not familiar with the state of Arkansas, we have local team whose mascots are unique as the University of Arkansas’s mascot.   The Arkansas Travelers mascots are Ace, a horse and Otey, a “swamp possum.” I personally do not know what the different is between a “swamp possum” and an opossum is, but they made a point of saying he is a “swamp possum”.  I will give you a minute to wrap your head around that and look it up.  I will even give you a link to the website to make searching easier, here along with a link for the official site.    I was not a fan when we changed mascots; however, they have grown on me as you can see in the photos below.









(I was lucky enough to be in an elevator with the mascots and well, I was like a small child at an amusement park. )


I knew of the event in advance, so I had time to put together a plan for my food and snacks.  Since it was an evening game, there would be food provided and well, I would have to eat.  No one likes a “Hanrgy” Sarah.    I had asked the person who planned the event if they could find out anything for me.  Then I tried to see if anywhere on the website offered any food allergy listings.   After getting nowhere with those two options, I called the park.

I called the number for the event-planning department and explained why I was calling and what I needed.    Upon calling I was able to speak with the event planner.   She was super nice and very helpful.  She informed me of the food choices for the event, and asked if they were going to be a problem.   I asked my standard questions regarding marinates, seasonings, and if the grill was a shared surface with any bread items.

trav’s game 2016. thankful for that experience and that I have trimmed down since then.

She checked on the food and all of my concerns.  She then let know that she would make sure my food was marked for me. Now I had a plan for my food and snacks!

When I arrived to the event everything with my food was as planned.    I had no worries about it  since I was able to call ahead. Therefore I had a wonderful stress free evening not having to worry about my food options.   Of course, not knowing about the food from concessions, I avoided those options.   I know this will not always be the case when attending an event or going to a game.    I hope that it will start to be a trend, so those with food restrictions can enjoy more freedom at events and outing.