The Warm Kitchen CookBook

I am going to be perfectly honest with you.  I can’t really cook. I can bake but that is about it.   I was just starting to try to learn to cook when we discovered that gluten and I were no longer BFFs.  Having to learn about all the different gums, flours, and hidden sources of gluten can be over whelming.  I also tend to get distracted while cooking causing me to either omit an ingredient or adding to much or forgetting to set a timer for whatever it is I am trying to make (uncooked Mac and Cheese is not a great dish) or having the stove top set at too high of a temperature and burning the items.  When I nanny, the children refer to items that are a little burnt as “Ms. Sarah Style.”

If you are thinking at this point that I should be a contestant on a popular cooking show on a certain network for people who lack the skills to cook, I have tried.  They found out that I am a food blogger in my part time and well, that was that. There is a difference between eating food and making the food (no one ever wants to eat mine).

I would love to be able to enter a kitchen with confidence and make a wonderful homemade dinner, or just not burn whatever it is I am trying to cook.  To have the knife skills to know I am not about to cut my fingers while chopping vegetables or know what spices meld well with others.  Shoot, I would love to just know I am not about to waste a lot of time, energy, and money on a dish that I either mess up or end up not liking.  Along with the fact that I really don’t want to explain to the fire department that I was just trying to make dinner repeatedly, it’s a small town people talk, I really don’t want to be the woman who uses her smoke detector as an oven timer. Capture

That is why I personally love this cookbook, The Warm Kitchen.

I had the pleasure of meeting Amy Fothergill at the GFAFFest Austin in 2016.  She was nice enough to give me a copy of her book.   I honestly feel quite intimidated when looking at cookbooks let alone trying to use one.

However, this is not the case with The Warm Kitchen. I sat down with it one night after getting back home from Austin and honestly, it is one of the best cookbooks. I felt like I could go into my kitchen and make whatever it was I wanted out of this book.   There are basic recipes for sauces, broths, and then there are tips! Then there are recipes for more “difficult” items  (OK, so they may not be difficult to most, but it very well could be for me)  along with Egg, Dairy, and Sugar Free options!

I honestly feel like it would be a great gift for anyone. From the beginning, level person who is afraid they will burn the house down or cut their finger to the person who knows what they are doing. That is why I am giving away one copy of The Warm Kitchen!   Amy has been nice enough agree to sign the winner’s copy as well!
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