Whole Note Crepes

As you may know, I am a huge fan of the company “Whole Note.”  It seems that every product of theirs that I have tried, I love. From their waffles to muffins and now crepes.  I had never had crepes before trying these.  I was always told it was like having a very thin pancake.  So I wasn’t sure what to do with them once I made them. So,  I visited Whole Note‘s website and looked at the recipes on there and concluded, crepes are kinda like the French tortilla.

The instructions are easy to understand, and it doesn’t require tons of extra ingredients.  I mixed the batter per the box instructions and in no time at all I had crepes! 

I will say this, use butter as the box states.  I tried cooking spay on some of them, and I did not on a couple of them, and did not get as even browning as I did with the butter.  If you are not careful with either products and use too much, the crepes do not turn out well.

I also do not have a “crepe skillet,”  I used a normal skillet.  I had asked Paul from Whole Note about this when I spoke to him.  He said that it was fine, to just tilt the skillet around to spread the batter around.



We made the Fruit and (home-made) Whipped Cream Crepes and Pizza Crepes.

pizza crepe

And we know how much I love pizza.  If you don’t, I really love pizza.  So of course we made a pizza crepe




Also: if you are going to make a batch and them eat them, use a cooling rack or paper towels in between the crepes, the condensation will cause them to lose some of the crispiness as they cool.

So once again, Whole Note as not failed.  I have discovered the love of crepes and now the non gluten free boyfriend has another option for food in my house.   It is a gluten free zone, you know.