Whole Note Waffle Mix

While I was at the Gluten Free Allergy Free Expo in Dallas this past October, I got to try some of  Whole Note’s products.  One of them was the Waffle Mix and the other was a Pumpkin Bread mix.  I will be honest with you and say, that I am not the biggest waffle fan.  I’m more of a french toast gal. When I think waffles, I think of the ones you get from a box in the freezer, that never seem to cook properly in the toaster, and forget about microwaving those bad boys.  However, I have found a waffle mix that I love!


Whole Note uses a mixture of seven whole grains in their mixes,  so the textures are great! When I met Paul at the expo, he showed me the different grains.  There were seven different shades of goodness there.  And the pumpkin mix, was better than what I remember a certain coffee companies being, more on that later.

So, the non-gluten-free-boyfriend and I made the waffles on night for “breakfast for dinner” one night recently.  We followed the instructions, and thinking that the first one was going to be the one we gave to the dog (being brunt or undercooked or whatever) I was prepared to have a wait ahead of me. Boy, I was wrong.   These waffles cooked well.  They have a great texture, not to mushy or dense.  They have a great sweet flavor, not bland or over powering sweetness either.

We have ours with apple toppings and whipped cream, and the flavors balanced well.  Then we saved some of the batter to see how it did after a day in the refrigerator.  The packaging said you could keep the unused batter for a couple of days, we also placed a couple of waffles in the frig to see how they reheated as well.



The waffles that were re-heated: I placed them in my toaster, since I thought that would be best.  The reheated well, were crisp tasted like they were fresh.  The flavor did not change.  I ate one with syrup, and on as the bread for a breakfast sandwich.

The waffles from the batter we refrigerator the batter did not get overly thick after being refrigerated.  It did not take an extra long time to cook either, the flavor was the same delicious flavor that I had had before.   To tell you honestly, I wish I had a few right now while writing this.

So, if you don’t believe me and what to try this for yourself (which you should anyway) they are available on Amazon,  or if you are lucky enough to live in Texas, they are in local stores there.  Here is the link from there site;



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